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Rick Fraser (aka Dr Vague) has been around for a while in various guises. Some may know him from his goth days, others from the mod and Acid Jazz years or perhaps he stitched up your hand in casualty one saturday night.

When Rick met Ski there was a melding of minds - a common ground was the cinematic soundscapes of Eno, Joy Division and Massive Attack. Initially caine was developed as an instrumental concept, however the songs were so obviously in need of some words that the duo soon had the mic out and were experimenting with vox.

caine made an LP which never got released despite critical aclaim and some fervent support from industry insiders - perhaps the bastard love child of two such geeks was never meant to be. Anyway, due to a quirk of fate the caine sessions are now together on an LP available via Ski's Primaudial label and who knows where this will take the intepid duo...