Big Bear EP

Release Date: 
Friday, July 3, 2009
Palm Skin Productions
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Digital EP

Primaudial Records is proud to release this stunning set of deep house gems from Professor Palm Skin. Ranging from the beautiful vocal ambience of Big Bear, to the wurlitzerfunk of Luftmenschen, and the rhythmic intensity of Arc, this EP continues the journey from his earlier Mo Wax and Freerange outings to explore new sonic territories. Completing the package, Primaudial resident Ayota provides an ambient take on Big Bear


Leigh Morgan (Urban Torque)
as expected it's pure quality, love Palm Skin!!

Hiro (Tronicsole)
Serious house music. 4 out of 5

Matt Masters (Freerange)
Amazing - Palmy does it again. Love Big Bear - just lovely house music :-)

Simon Harrison
This is PROPER house music - I'll play all the mixes

Sammy Goulbourne
Loving Big Bear (orig). Cool, sexy house music

Michael Stukes
Hot n sexy for the summer...

Greg "Stryke" Chin
great and diverse package. beautiful, deep, and still good for the floor.

Toshio Matsuura
I like Big Bear remix is very beautiful track.

Murray Richardson
nice sounding house ep! - will be playing this on my russian tour!

Neil Quigley
More stunning deepness in Simon's inimitable style. So much win in this EP!

Sunny vibe here...Will play for some warmup times


Rainer Zielbauer
Great danceable tracks

Q-Burns Abstract Message
Fantastic, long time fan of Palm Skin Prods ... cheers for this

Tres Manos
"Stunning set of deep house gems" is right!!! Each track is quality timeless Deep House! I'll be playing the hell out of "Arc"

James Flavour (dirt crew)
i always like plam skin productions

Rainer Trueby
loooving it...

Kai Mixer
very good sound. i love it

Rainer Zielbauer
Nice danceable track

Kev Beadle
Previews sound good. Look forward to checking the full tracks